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Blockchain for Tech Newbies : Jargon-Free, Myth-busting, Candid-Chat

There is alot of hype surrounding blockchain technology and all that it can do to address pressing global challenges.
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Innovation Thorugh The Realization Of Empathy

Executive Coach, Empathy Expert and Author, Seung Chan Lim speaks with the CEO and Lead Strategist at U-Solve School For Empathic Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

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Spiritual Epigenetics Podcast

Spiritual Epigenetics

From all accounts, my TEDx Talk hit all the right points. But I think I could have done the after-talk interview better. My apologies! Here’s my make-up for that. I thank the TEDx Team and here is a link where you can see these great set of people and another little pocket of “Diversity of Being”. Way before this…

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Four Critical Climate Change Response Strategies Every Government Should Implement … Now

The recent IPCC report 2018 suggests that climate change is occurring earlier and more rapidly than expected. It stated that if we continue at current trends, hundreds of millions of lives are at stake, since we are on a trajectory for a world warmer than 1.5 degrees Celsius, by 2040. What that means literally is that Nearly all coral reefs…

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Sexual Ethics Part 3 Final

Sexual Ethics Part 3 Final

In the 3rd Installment in this series, Jessica speaks to mas-man, Wired 868 Columnist, independent researcher Corey A. Glikes about whether traditions are holding us back from fully exploring all the ethical options available.

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Sexual Ethics For The 21st Century Part 2

While this podcast was being edited, an Empathic Dialogue called Is Overpopulation An Existential Threat took place on Conversations For Change and the Global Challenges Community, moderated by Margaret Rose Goddard. It’s probably one of the best debates I’ve seen on this issue.
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Sexual Ethics For The 21st Century

Sexual Ethics For The 21st Century Part 1

Is a sexy culture and growing population rate an indication of people having happy and healthy sexual relationships? Jessica Joseph chats with Sexologist Onika Henry.
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Survival Secrets For Social Entrepreneurs

Survival Secrets for Social Entrepreneurs (Part 2)

Katherine Robertson-Pilling hosts a conversation for change with Founder & CEO of U-Solve Margaret Rose-Goddard and Shanil Singh. Here in Part 2 of the conversation Margaret & Shanil share on their neuro-science based methods for social change.
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Democratizing Public Decision-Making

The decision to shut down the refinery may be the right one, given the state of the refinery operations, but it may not be; and it obviously is not the only option that could have been pursued. The question is whether the political choice is properly informed, weighing all material factors (including the views and the impact on those affected)…

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After you watch the daily world news and reach your saturation point of frustration with Global Governance, tune in to the Global Challenges Podcast for your glimmer of hope. Read More

Margaret Rose-Goddard
Global Challenges

If its pop culture, social issues, religion, sexuality, you have not heard the last word until you hear the mind behind #CultureIsViral and hundreds of well loved and shared memes on Social Media. Read More

Jessica Joseph
Cultural Catalyst

Productivity, creativity, inner resiliency to live your life fearlessly with all the skill of a Formula One racer, round every bend. Read More

Katherine Robertson-Pilling
Personal Leadership

Oh it’s happening now! Leading edge thinking, technology, innovation, solutions and insights are all yours for the taking. Read More

Shanil Singh
Empathic Entrepreneurship

Penetrating the cultural membranes of human social, emotional as cognitive standards, habits, norms and everyday practices, to revamp the use of language, thought and inherent behavioural traits.. Read More

Earthan Raastoff
Cellution Bio-Logically
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