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If you want to change the world, Change the conversation.

Earthan Raastoff

Cellution Bio-Logically

Penetrating the cultural membranes of human social, emotional as cognitive standards, habits, norms and everyday…

Shanil Singh

Empathic Entrepreneurship

Oh it’s happening now! Leading edge thinking, technology, innovation, solutions and insights are all yours…

Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Personal Leadership

Productivity, creativity, inner resiliency to live your life fearlessly with all the skill of a…

Jessica Joseph

Cultural Catalyst

If its pop culture, social issues, religion, sexuality, you have not heard the last word…

Margaret Rose-Goddard

Global Challenges

If you have reached your saturation point of frustration with global and local governance systems…

Delia Williams Gunpot

Spirituality Health and Wellness

Reuben Rose-Ashby

Art For Impact

I’m convinced existence on a whole was a massive coincidence and that there’s no real…

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