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Cellution Bio-Logically

Penetrating the cultural membranes of human social, emotional as cognitive standards, habits, norms and everyday practices, to revamp the use of language, thought and inherent behavioural traits long forgotten as neglected in the thousand-year-old mammalian elaboration called “society”, now re-emerging into new im- as ex-pressions, new internal environments of external relevance for a global, technological civilisation, in navigational use – now without mis-use – of the many arts of humanity.

This podcast will share with the listener how a pioneering flock of individuals are living an evolutionary approach to the root cause of the world-wide waste and denigration of life in one of the most profound, change-making, social experiences of the millennia; Cellution, revealing its methodology, genetically inherent in every human being, to take the foundational principles of ethology and biological behaviourism beyond the theoretical, into new levels of progressing human (inter)action.

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Earthan Raastoff is a writer, an organic thinker and biotic fore speaker with an evolutionistic approach to and developer of human thought, language, social as pragmatic interaction, foremost he is a father living unique, inborn methodology correlating action, emotion, instinct, progress and cognitive capability with physical existence, for the life of it.

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