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Cultural Catalyst

If its pop culture, social issues, religion, sexuality, you have not heard the last word until you hear the mind behind #CultureIsViral and hundreds of well loved and shared memes on Social Media. If you are sick and tired of left vs right, black vs white, male vs female, atheist vs theist, etc. get your relief here at Cultural Catalyst.

Jessica reverse engineers emerging movements and breaks down barriers between young and old, North and South, male and female etc. Guests will include everyone from music producers to sexologists to artivists to philosophers to spiritual advisors to marijuana activists. Every podcast you will be saying, “I can’t believe they actually went there!” Yes, we’re going there.

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Jessica Joseph’s extensive body of work can be read, seen and felt. Her 20 year career in Creative Communications has spanned across roles of Vocal Talent, Creative Director, Branding and Communications Strategist and Pop Culture Anthropologist. The holder of multiple ADDY Awards, she has contributed to notable projects such as the Queen’s Park Oval’s People’s Canvas, Digicel’s Caring Connections in the Eastern Caribbean, and public awareness campaigns for projects under the OECS Commission, USAID, World Bank, EU and UN.

A former blogger for Huffington Post, her writing reflects her social consciousness and singular ability to discuss, dissect and diffuse controversial issues that have shaped her own life’s story, as well as her eagerness to help other activists for the environment, human rights, anti-racism and gender equality. She is pursuing an Alternative MBA with the U-Solve School of Empathetic Leadership. Jessica’s experiences of childhood neglect and later homophobic abuse were one of the stories featured in Lloyd Newson’s London’s DV8 Theatre’s 2008 production “To Be Straight With You”.

Her willingness to engage and educate with forbearance and empathy, anyone willing to discuss and debate these issues has become her signature as a human rights communicator. This can be heard and felt on her Conversations For Change podcast. In 2018, an empathy building VR game, created by a multi-national project team, of which she is a part, will debut at the Global Challenges Retreat at Oxford University.

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