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Productivity, creativity, inner resiliency to live your life fearlessly with all the skill of a Formula One racer, round every bend. Katherine Robertson-Pilling, the mastermind behind The Wheel Of Creativity, which has helped so many corporate professionals, artists, CEOs and activists sit in the driver’s seat of their own life and learn the gears and when to shift them, is here to coach you.

Gain insights. Find motivation. Learn how to have perfect timing. Play this podcast for your team members at work. Play this podcast when you hit a wall. Play this podcast when it is time to innovate your own life.

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Katherine Robertson-Pilling is an international strategic creativity coach, entrepreneur and author of The Wheel of Creativity: Taking Your Place in the Adventure of Life.

Katherine trains entrepreneurs, coaches, organizational leaders and creatives of all persuasions to integrate creative thinking with strategic action for extraordinary results in life and business. While Katherine is American by birth, she lives between the US, UK and the South of France and works with clients around the world.

Katherine developed her expertise in the creative process through more than 30 years as an award-winning writer and producer. She has consulted for Fortune 100 companies and produced award-winning documentaries for some of the world’s favorite TV networks.

With formal education in psychology and communications, and 25 years studying, empowering and inspiring people in every walk of life, Katherine’s proprietary system for creative transformation, The Wheel of Creativity, is the foundation of her work. She specializes in strategic listening, breakthrough conversations, and transformational experiences for clients and teams. Her philosophy is that people who think creativity and act authentically change the world (and their own lives) every day.

Katherine’s latest platform for personal and social transformation is experiential. Rooted in the social tradition of ancient cultures, she creates sacred space experiences in beautiful places around the world, where people from all walks of life can co-create community at the deepest level. Creative expression, deep listening and speaking, and training in the Wheel of Creativity produce life-changing results to:

  • Reawaken your personal creative power
  • Express your most authentic truth
  • Explore and embody your deepest value
  • Reconnect with Source, whatever that means to you

Katherine’s lifelong passion is to create a world where every human being can:

  • Know what they know
  • Create what they’re here to create
  • Be financially rewarded for their contributions

She is doing this one person at a time, one circle at a time, all around the world.

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