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Empathic Entrepreneurship

Oh it’s happening now! Leading edge thinking, technology, innovation, solutions and insights are all yours for the taking. Innovation expert Shanil Singh has his finger on the pulse and will break down the methodologies for you, so that you are always on point.

Or maybe, you want to scout for opportunities and partnerships. Well, there’s plenty of that too. Get weekly reviews of start-ups that meet and exceed Social Development Goals. Learn about the successful projects coming out of U-Solve as well as U-Solve’s methodology for empowering Impact Entrepreneurs.

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Singh Shanil Singh is an entrepreneur with close to a decade of experience running and building a successful enterprise as well as launching numerous products. Also, a doctoral researcher, Shanil is interested in areas such as organizational design, building change and learning capabilities, new product development and customer driven innovation.

Shanil is passionate about learning new ideas , cross pollinating of various fields and lastly, bringing the latest thinking in management to help impact 21st century challenges.

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