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Empathic Dialogue #1
Is Overpopulation an Existential Threat?
Sunday 14th October 2018
2.00pm UTC+1

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The Empathic Dialogues series is an attempt to facilitate a new type of conversation aimed at finding common ground between diverse perspectives on serious global issues facing people and planet. A public debate but with a twist – it is not a debate simpliciter where Proposers and Opposers engage with the intent of remaining fixed in their view and refuting the other. It is a dialogue where the intent of both Proposer and the Opposer is to connect and understand the alternative perspective and to seek Common Ground.

Proposers and Opposers should be prepared to subject their positions to scrutiny and refutation once provided with clear, cogent and compelling evidence. Proposers and Opposers will be required to exhibit a high degree of conversational intelligence which includes unwavering respect for the dignity of each other, responsibility for emotional energy and reflexivity on ones own assumptions and interpretation of the evidence.

The dialogue is designed to accommodate as many voices as wish to contribute as it is undertaken in three phases
90 minutes
Live-Streaming Public Dialogue
7 Days
Social Reasoning
Collective Impact
The objectives of the Empathic Dialogue are:
To connect and understand the perspectives of the Proposer and the Opposer.
To identify key areas of agreement and disagreement.
To articulate if possible a ‘common ground’ statement to which both sides agree.
To begin to map key issues for further research on the topic and to establish a working group to develop actionable insights.
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