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Global Challenges Retreat 2017
A New Model Re-Imagining Global Governance
4th – 16th August 2017
Bath, United Kingdom

Is our current Global Governance Model (GGM) able to address global challenges? Does the existing GGM provide effective protection of human rights for people all over the world? Can we change the GGM to create a more just, inclusive, and peaceful world for all? And if so, how?

With a focus on facilitating diverse perspectives, and using some of the latest innovation tools these are some of the questions we will be exploring with thought leaders, academics, business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, professionals, NGOs, students, artists, artisans … and maybe even you.

The kinds of conversations we create are those that help us to emerge differently and encourage new ways of thinking about the world we have created.

The Global Challenges Retreat 2017 is hosted by the U-Solve School of Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) and will be held at the University of Bath, United Kingdom.

GCR 2017 was catalysed by the Global Challenges New Shape Competition 2017 however, there is no formal affiliation with the Global Challenges Foundation. Participants are at liberty to use the information and tools shared in support of their individual submissions to the Global Challenges Competition.

“The greatest threats we face today transcend national boundaries; they therefore need to be addressed jointly by all countries based on an increased realization of our mutual dependence. That is why I believe a new global framework for managing them must be found.”

Laszlo Szombatfalvy

Day One – Transformation

Uncovering Our Creative Question: Public Anger is an extreme manifestation that our community is broken. However, it is a powerful restorative energy for social change. Before we can propose a new model for global governance or design solutions for addressing global challenges we must seek greater understanding of the history of our brokenness.

Day Two – Innovation

Designing Our Model: Building on the root causes identified on Day One and mindful of the need to design a just model based on truth and reconciliation, participants use some of the latest Creative Modelling tools and through guided innovation labs participants work together on what a new model for global governance could look like.

Day Three – Impact

Maximizing Impact: Conversations and tools on resilience and impact maximization will be discussed. By the end of the day we should be able to articulate our new proposed Model, and a framework for testing our Theory of Impact, the key metrics and methodology for data collection and measurement and most importantly, develop your personal plan of action to be are part of the change.

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