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Global Challenges Retreat 2018
Co-Creating A Better Future
8th – 10th November 2018
eGrove Park, Oxford University
The Global Challenges Retreat (GCR) is a collective of entrepreneurs and social impact leaders working to address global and local challenges and to co-create a better future.

The GCR removes the key unknowns in social innovation by teaching a systematic approach that any social entrepreneur can implement to accelerate the rate at which they can produce the right innovations, articulate and communicate their unique value, attract congruent capital and scale their impact.

“If we can catalyse enough people to action we can succeed in creating a just, peaceful and sustainable world. Some of them will be musicians, some of them will be scientists, contractors, teachers, artists, builders – that’s the lovely thing about what we do – we don’t tell people what to do. We don’t teach them to meditate or pray or protest. We ask what moves you?”

Mac Macartney

Do You Have An Idea Which You Think Can Impact Global Goals?

Come ready to roll up your sleeves and work on your social change initiative with experts in the fields of empathic design and innovation, social finance and public governance.

GCR 2018 is not for anyone who wants to make an impact but is for a select group of entrepreneurs who have the passion and ability to pioneer unique approaches to making measurable progress on the SDGs.

You are a good fit for GCR 2018 if you:

Already have a social change idea/project or initiative
Want access to and to build competency in new social financing vehicles to fund your ‘Proof of Concept’ or to take your initiative to another level of impact
Want to be able to open doors and influence key decision-makers
Want to master the skill of deeply connecting with any target audience
Want to leverage the expertise and resources of others to support your social change initiative
Want to learn how to design, structure, negotiate and close public private partnerships for shared value and sustainable development
Have the time and energy seriously to commit to your initiative in the next 6-12 months
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