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While this podcast was being edited, an Empathic Dialogue called Is Overpopulation An Existential Threat took place on Conversations For Change and the Global Challenges Community, moderated by Margaret Rose Goddard. It’s probably one of the best debates I’ve seen on this issue. If you aren’t part of these groups, you are missing out, so there is a link in the description where you can join them.

Earthan Raastoff was the only participant in the debate who was more concerned with tackling the underlying dysfunctions in how our reproductive actions are carried out rather than being reactionary to the symptoms of population density and increased consumption and climate change.

On Cultural Catalyst, healing underlying causes is the focus as well. In Part 2 of the Sexual Ethics in the 21st Century Series, we talk to Earthan, who is living in a revolutionary community in Denmark, that is a successful alternative to the nuclear family model. He is also a father and a firm believer we need to return to a more organic way of living in harmony with our biology, not just understanding it but living it, comprehensively, for real.

We referenced the Samburu Tribe of Kenya in this Podcast and the Women Only Village featured in a Broadly Documentary here:

To see the Overpopulation Dialogue, join the Global Challenges Community here:

Jessica Joseph

Jessica Joseph is a Trinidadian Creative Director, Human Rights Communicator, Vocal Talent, former Huffington Post Blogger and self-described, Pop Anthropologist.

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