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From all accounts, my TEDx Talk hit all the right points. But I think I could have done the after-talk interview better. My apologies! Here’s my make-up for that.

I thank the TEDx Team and here is a link where you can see these great set of people and another little pocket of “Diversity of Being”.

Way before this Podcast, this was me trying to put all this into words, five years ago. You can see my journey has not been a static one has I called myself a Universalist Deist in that essay. Still very much into Universal Truth but no longer Deist.

If you are interested in joining a group of people tackling Global Challenges and collaborating with others regardless of their Spiritual Epigenetics you can join our Facebook Commmunity here:

The Global Challenges Community is an initiative of The USolve School Of Empathic Leadership. This was the first retreat:
At the second, USolve will be unveiling the Global Goals 4P Accelerator Programme, the revolutionary new SDG Readable Impact Model, at Oxford, 8th to 10th, December. It’s not too late to attend! If you can, you should! This New Shape model has organizations like Social Value UK, very excited! Forbes Magazine Writer and Marketer Jon Youshaei said, “It’s like Y Combinator meets the WEF”.

Even if you can’t make it, don’t worry, the Programme unveils at Oxford but continues virtually in January and you can sign up for the 12 month course that promises to take you from just a person wanting to change the world to an Impact Entrepreneur with a successful Privately Funded Social Initiative (PFSI) in 12 months.

The entry is the same for both. You start by telling us about your idea to change the world. Spots are extremely limited, so apply now.

To learn more visit

To Apply


Jessica Joseph

Jessica Joseph is a Trinidadian Creative Director, Human Rights Communicator, Vocal Talent, former Huffington Post Blogger and self-described, Pop Anthropologist.

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